If You do not access Your Account by 'logging on' to Your Account using Your Account name / User ID and password and either (i) place a cash wager or bet via the Facilities, or (ii) enter a tournament with a cash entry fee via the Gaming Facilities, or (iii) play a raked hand via the Gaming Facilities, or (iv) make a deposit as applicable, for any consecutive period of 365 days, then after those 365 days (the 'Grace Period') Your Account (and any related account with any ESP) will be deemed 'Inactive'. 


Once Your Account has been deemed Inactive We will be entitled to charge You an administrative fee (the 'Inactive Account Fee'). We may deduct an amount up to the Inactive Account Fee amount from Your Account Balance on the day following the end of the Grace Period and then every thirty (30) days thereafter in accordance with the Inactive Account Fee Schedule. We will also remove any unused freeroll entry tournament monies from Your Account, including but not limited to occasions where the tournament for which the freeroll entry applies is no longer valid. If We continue to deem Your Account Inactive for a period of eighteen consecutive calendar months, in order to safeguard Your monies, We may withhold any remaining monies in Your Account and close Your Account. You may contact Us to reclaim any such withheld monies at any time.

We will stop deducting the Inactive Account Fee from Your Account Balance if Your Account is re-activated by entering a tournament or making a cash bet or wager, by playing a raked hand or by making a deposit or if your account is closed in accordance with section 18.1 above.